Join Emma Henry for a completely unique Jivamukti yoga retreat in Mongolia. Largely inaccessible to the Western world until recently, Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient culture and Mother Nature at her wildest in an environment that has seen little change for centuries. Time seems to stand still here and practicing yoga and meditation can be a liberating and powerful experience. You can expect silence, stillness, space, emptiness and big Mongolian skies.

Your Mongolia yoga retreat takes place in two very different locations. You will be glamping in our luxury yurt camps in the East Gobi and the interior parts of Gorkhi Terelj National Park.

We will travel to our first camp on the Trans Mongolian Railway and spend 4 nights there. With daily yoga, hikes into the desert, camel treks, massages, meditation and an evening kirtan deep in the desert around a campfire, our Gobi location is magical and other worldly.

Our second camp, the Khan Kentii, is a wilderness reaching all the way to the Russian/Siberian border. It is possibly one of the most beautiful places we have ever been, located on the Upper Tuul River which meanders gently through the vast meadows of wildflowers and through the lush forested hills.

You will spend 3 nights there and your yoga classes are complimented with a full day nature hike deep into the remote mountains. For those with experience there is an option for riding the world famous Mongolian horses. Splashing through rivers and riding up mountains on these semi wild animals is an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. There will be time to relax in our sauna set up close to the river, as well as kayaking and rafting options.

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