Join us for a lushious Yoga Retreat in the Sussex Countryside. Set on the edge of Nymans Nature reserve, in Staplefield. We will be exploring Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Sound healing & somatic Self-enquiry Meditation. We will also share partner yoga practices. Delicious vegetarian meals included, and we have a few double bedrooms and lots of space for camping, in the buttercup field. The retreat hosts a beautiful heated outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by wild walks.

Prepare yourself for A heart opening, deeply rejuvenating Yoga Retreat in the Sussex Countryside, on the edge of Nymans Nature reserve.We will be offering both Lunar and Solar practices working intuitively with the group throughout the weekend.
The Lunar Phase offers a deeply nourishing intimate and restorative focused asana practice. Here we are invited into the nectar of Pratyahara ~ sense withdrawal. This aspect of Yoga is meditation in motion.
We will journey together through subtle conscious movement to live Soundscapes and Mantras melting our imagined boundaries. This lunar aspect of yoga  incorporates yoga-therapy healing.
In the Solar Practice we open to invite the solar energy into igniting every cell into awakening. We build from the foundation up, working from the root to the crown of the chakra system, & subtle energetic gatweways.
The solar part of the practices works with the tantric path igniting joy,and  creative and playful  expression. together we explore how to embody this light activation through our humanness, and our unique constitutions.
We will be guided through powerful pranayama breath techniques to awaken the inner fire . Through dynamic stretches sculpted to specific focus and cllibrations offerd for each person, we can purify the body mind system ,detoxify the blood and clear the energetic, emotional bodies , nervous and nadi system, to rejuvenate us at the very core & cellular level of our body and being.
To come into retreat is to come back home to your Self ..

In this space together the body & energy system can begin a deep somatic listening to unwind the fascia ,releasing our conditioned habit our places of contraction ,stress and pain compensation .These samskaras are transmuted as we embody the light of Realisation. From this emergence comes the celebration .
Saturday night will be a chance to enter the primordial womb of ritual and sacred ceromony with mantra music , fire side offerings , pujas and tribal rhythms to alchemize our transformation.
This retreat is a time in sangha in conscious community to relinquish the identification to the body and mind to live from Awakened Heart in service to the all .
We will integrate all the practices shared with a group Vortexhealing therapy to conclude and consolidate the Retreatto support us implement and callibrate all we have learned shared opened to and let go of. From here we are guided into yoga Nidra for whole intergration and profound relaxation on all levesl of being.

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