Over the weekend we will consider what wellbeing really is…We will cook and eat it together. We will also use delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods (including raw chocolate 🙂 .
The yoga practice in the morning is Hatha flow and afternoon yin and restorative. Also, you will learn a powerful breathing technique which alkalizes the body, supports and stimulates the liver and balances your  emotions. All my students return home with a basic, solid foundation in healthy, clean eating and living so that they know how to minimize their toxin intake, support the body’s innate ability for detoxification, and lead a more balanced life.

The package includes: Accommodation, organic food, juices and superfood shakes, extended daily yoga sessions, guided meditations, woodland walks, and lifestyle and wellness advice.

Retreats start on Fridays at 4pm and finish on Sundays at 3.30pm

Optional Extras: One-on-One Coaching £65 an hour. Ayurvedic Treatments £65 an hour, all other treatments .

Email for details.

A Typical Day

08.30-09:00: Superfood shake
09.00-11.30: Morning breathwork, yoga & meditation class
11.30-13.30: Preparing and eating raw & cooked lunch
13.30-14.30: Silent walk, private consultation, treatment or just time to chill out
14.30-15:00: Tea & raw cake / raw chocolate break
15.00-16.00: ‘Healing Living Kitchen’ class
16.00-17.00: More treatments to pamper yourself / free time
17.00-18.30: Evening yoga & meditation class
18.30-20.00: Food preparation & delicious vegan meal
20.30-21.30: Yoga Nidra / meditation / movie

“Rina’s weekend detox retreat was an absolute breath of fresh air. The balance of invigorating morning yoga and a deeply restorative afternoon yin session fully satisfied my yoga cravings, whilst the exceptional juices, salads, soups and snacks all freshly prepared nourished me far more than expected. There was space within the weekend to snooze, read, walk and massage yet the best bit of all was that I left having learnt a lot about nutrition. Thanks to Rina bee pollen and chaga tea are now weekly staples and my body has never been happier!” Alex Chayney

£295 (The Lodge) / £345 (Main House) with a supplement of £100 for single room occupancy in the Main House.

info@rinagolan.co (not com 🙂 )

“As a long time practitioner of yoga, I take great joy in discovering teachers like Rina who recognize the sacredness of this practice. Her passion for transformation, wealth of knowledge and a depth of presence serve as a beautiful foundation upon which humor, levity and love prevail. Deep bow.”

Ryan Seaman, Producer & Writer, Los Angeles

“Forget the free and connecting yoga, forget the delicious, highly nutritional shakes and meals, forget the beautiful, birdsong-filled, natural surroundings….what you have in this retreat is spiritual advice offered with insight and love, freedom of heart and mind and a solid platform to build again. Perfect.” Nina Edmond, Bristol

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