Adventure yogi would love for you to join them on a sunshine yoga holiday in Corfu. It is a gorgeous island in Greece with lush green hills and turquoise waters, hot summers and (almost) guaranteed sunshine. Time can be spent cooling off in and around the pool or by walking down to the beach and swimming in the dream like sea.

Adventure Yogi would love for you to join them on this sunshine holiday in Corfu!

Upon arrival there will be an orientation walk around the local area and you can also explore the grounds of the apartment which is an organic farm. They are growing a selection of seasonal vegetables and olives and their speciality which is the Kumquat. Included in the price will be a cooking lesson with their in-house chef using all local and seasonal ingredients.

As a group, we shall visit the local old town of Corfu followed by dinner in one of the local Greek restaurants. We shall also visit Afiona, which is nestled up high on the hills. You can walk down and visit the iconic bay of Porto Timoni which is a total jaw dropper of a beach.

Start month: 10 - October