At Wyld Grace we believe that getting out and about in nature is medicine for the mind body and soul. There is nothing like getting the wind in your hair to make you feel alive. Embracing the elements and accepting what is at any given moment, you can achieve things that you didn’t think possible.

Eryri National parc is quite simply breath taking.

The mountains hold a mystery and story all of their own, they have a certain magic and require the utmost respect.

They will welcome you with open arms and surround you with their magnificence but those that dare to step their feet upon these ancient sacred grounds must do so with the greatest appreciate and honour. For the mountain have a certain power all of their own and demand to be treated as such. Given the right attention they will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.

The mountains teach us to be present. To really live in the moment. The fresh air can clean your thoughts and polish your lungs. Their vastness makes us feel small and less significant somehow…. but they also do that to your troubles and issues. Putting everything back in a more natural perspective. Making you feel alive and connected to life once more.

We will be guided by a local professional mountain leader (ML) who will ensure that everyone is in the safest hands. We will tailor the hike to those that appear. So whatever you perceived personal limits, we shall make sure you get up and down safely.

Be prepared to have your mind blown and also be prepared for wanting to come back again and again.

Start month: 06 - June