Join Margherita on a yoga weekend in beautiful Norfolk – only two hours from London. This perfect weekend yoga retreat will be held at West Lexham, a luxury eco-friendly country manor estate located not far from the famous North Norfolk coast. If you are looking to get away from London for a weekend yoga retreat, this stunning location will lift your spirits and inspire you to unfurl to your full potential. Your experienced yoga guide, Margherita dal Pra, will lead you through an immersive experience, where you can leave the world behind and walk the talk of how life can be.

All classes have a heart-oriented life enhancing theme, interwoven throughout the class. Classes in the morning are more “sweaty’ ecstatic and energetic to help dissolve any sluggishness and inertia. The afternoon follows the energy of the day classes are more nurturing, nectar like to prepare for a good restful night.

This retreat will allow you to unplug from your stresses and responsibilities, and remember what is really important to you. You will get the time you need for introspection so that you can reset and come home to yourself. You’ll go deeper into your yoga and mindfulness practice and learn to create new habits. You’ll also be part of an open and inclusive community of fellow spiritual seekers.


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