On this Strawberry Full Moon weekend following the Summer Solstice we will gather as sisters on sacred land to celebrate and fully express our divine feminine power.

Through yoga, meditation, song, dance, prayer and ceremony we will purify ourselves from unwanted thoughts and energies in order to deeply transform to a higher version of ourselves. Together we will create an energy vortex of gratitude and healing that we will offer to Mother Earth and all Beings.

Full Moons are the time for full expression of who we truly are. We are daughters of the elements, the earth, the stars, the night…. We are daughters of the Moon. Women are fluid, receptive and intuitive. Our cycle is the same length as the moon and if synced with the moon cycle we experience a great balance in life.

A wonderful river flows through the land that will teach us to simply go with the flow and see the Beauty and the Divine in ourselves and All.

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