If you are a lover of the great outdoors then our autumn multi-adventure yoga holiday Montenegro is for you. Montenegro is a beautiful and yet still untouched country just outside Europe, bordering Croatia. It has everything you could dream of, mountains, vast lakes, sandy beaches, waterfalls and wild swimming areas. We have planned a week to showcase all that this untouched area of the world has to offer!

For your week-long hiking yoga holiday adventure, you can expect a relaxed yet exhilarating itinerary, with breathtaking hikes, water sports, boat excursions, beautiful day trips and more, with 3 hours of yoga per day.

We are based in a beautifully renovated olive mill 10 minutes from the spectacular coast, a short walk from the traditional old town and with its cosy restaurants and shops, so if you choose to have a day to relax by yourself, this is fine, too!

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