Gentle Hatha Yoga and the postural awareness of the Alexander Technique come together for a weekend of exploration and compassion towards our bodies and ourselves.

This weekend retreat will combine Hatha Yoga (postures, breath and meditation) with Alexander Technique’s extra focus on awareness of how we move, our patterns of tension and holding.

Two experienced teachers who share a philosophy of “less is more” will help you explore the innate wisdom of the human body. Through movement, relaxation and meditation we will be learning something that, deep down, our bodies already know.

“One of the best treats I’ve ever given myself. Chris and Tanya created such a beautiful space and environment for us to restore our balance in life. Great to see all the people changed by the last yoga session.” Mariko Lavender-Jones, Yoga Therapist

Price from £345, including all yoga and Alexander Technique sessions, accommodation and vegetarian meals.

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