Start Wednesday  30th August 2017 at 5pm

Departure after lunch on Wednesday  6th September 2017










Dr Shrikrishna skilfully leads participants into

Meditative states through Pranayama, yoga philosophy and inner inquiry.


Many of the Pranayama and Meditation techniques require sitting.

Participants should have prior experience of sitting quietly for periods

of at least 20-30 minutes.


Dr Shrikrishna was born to a father who was a close colleague of

Swami Kuvalayananda (one of the foremost pioneers of modern yoga).

Dr Shrikrishna grew up in an atmosphere saturated with yogic culture.

He qualified as a medical doctor and took a PhD on the physiological

effects of Pranayama at the prestigious All India Institute of Medicine.


After graduating, he succeeded his father as Director of the Kaivalyadhama

Institute of Yogic Health in Mumbai, where he developed a flourishing

programme for training yoga teachers and therapists, as well as daily

yoga therapy sessions for people with health problems.


In addition to Dr Shrikrishna’s knowledge of medicine, physiology and yoga

practice, he has an excellent mastery of Sanskrit and yogic literature, both

ancient and modern, upon which he draws as an aid to conveying the deeper

insights of yoga. His emphasis is on awareness and experience, rather than

theoretical knowledge. This rare combination of experience, knowledge and

skills gives a breadth and depth to his teaching, which is probably unique.

Dr Shrikrishna sees yoga as acting on two levels: as a science of health

paving the way to positive health and personal development, and as a

facilitator for entry to transcendental transpersonal states. Recently he

retired from his position at the Kaivalyadhama Institute in order to devote

himself to his own Sadhana and teaching.

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