My all-inclusive retreats are carefully structured to support your well-being. I have created a space where the group supports the healing process, and together we nurture a safe environment where everyone can heal and grow.

We gather every spring and autumn to purify and rejuvenate the body. Over four days you will be guided on a gentle cleanse to nourish and rebalance your system, allowing you to return to yourself and feel lighter in mind and body.

You will be supported by me and my carefully chosen team of highly experienced practitioners: a psychotherapist, dance teachers, sound healers, massage therapists, artists and nature lovers.

The program will include daily yoga, meditation, delicious clean food, sound healing, dancing, and nature walks, all designed to support your process of transformation. All activities are optional – so you can choose to take part or rest.

In addition to my residential retreats, I am running a restorative One Day Summer Retreat in London on 9 July 2022. Click here to sign up.
Remember your dharma (when your life reflects your values, you live in peace).
Retreat As Initiation

Each retreat is an initiation. You will let die what is not serving you so you can be reborn to the version of yourself that is aligned with all that you value, with your dharma.

We prepare the body, creating a safe container where we surrender and let go of habits and toxins that no longer serve us.

We undertake the cleanse, where the old version of ourselves dies, the part that has unconsciously learned unhealthy habits and ways of seeing ourselves. We release karmic patterns. We feel lighter in mind and body. We let go of the past and envision a new future for ourselves.

We release, heal, and celebrate as a community, as part of a tribe.
Ongoing Support

My passion is to support people on their life journey, not just for one weekend. When you come to my next retreat you will be invited to join a membership of people who are committed to growing together.

After the retreat, if you sign up to the Kula where our members have committed to growing together in the yogic tradition, cultivating friendliness, to ensure that we can bring kindness to our own lives and to the lives of our own families you will have access to a monthly online gathering so that you can stay connected and feel fully supported by the tribe. The affordable membership will also offer you reduced rates on retreats and herbs. More information to come soon.
The Venue
Waterperry House is a very special retreat venue, run by a meditation practitioner who for 50 years has been praying for the well-being of all on our planet.

The stunning manor house in rural Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, is surrounded by eight acres of beautifully landscaped ornamental gardens, a river and wildlife. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to explore the grounds, meditate in the silent garden and enjoy the fresh air.

The retreat workshops will take place in large, comfortable, and airy rooms in the house.

The bedrooms are simple and cosy, most with shared bathrooms.

The kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate our group if you want to be involved in the cooking.


Preparation day, Life

5pm opening circle

5:30- 7:30 pm Yoga

7:45 Dinner

8:30 treatments /dancing


Elimination day, Death

8:30 am superfoods shake

9-11 am Yoga and mediation

11:00 food preparation

11:30 brunch

1 pm silent walk

2-3 resting time/ treatments

3 sound bath/mediattion

4-5 resting time

5-6:30 yin yoga

6:45- dinner

7:30 guided meditation


Rejuvenation day, Rebirth

8:30 am superfoods shake

9-11 Yoga and mediation

11:00 food preparation

11:30 brunch

1 pm silent walk

2-3 resting time/ treatments

3 lifestyle medicine talk

4-5 resting time

5-6:30 yin yoga

6:45- dinner

8 pm Concert in the amphitheater with musical artist Gaiea Sanskrit

And ceremony.



Integration day

8:30 am superfoods shake

9-11 Yoga and mediation

11:00 food preparation

11:30 branch

1 pm silent walk

2 closing circle

Please note this schedule may be altered if needed.

Price: £495 – £655. All food, classes, activities and accommodations are included.

There is a discount of £15 if you book by Friday 4th March 2022.

To sign up go to the calendar page or email me and I will send you the BAC’s details.

“I’ll admit I wasn’t overly keen to attend the Autumn Cleanse (or any cleanse for that matter!) and agreed to the weekend simply because it’s something my Mother wanted to do!

Rina set the tone of the weekend from the off, recommending a small community mind-set, but reassuring we could take space and time for ourselves at any point. She talked about the benefits of kindness, to ourselves and each other, which cemented the theme of the weekend.

I quickly went from cynical to open-minded and I’ll attribute that entirely to Rina. I don’t know if she realises how good she is! Intelligent, well-studied and well-travelled, Rina brought such a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the retreat. Her communication skills are first-class and she read the group and the individuals in it perfectly. Her views are based on years of study and experience and her set-up is one of real substance and integrity.

The information we were given as part of regular group discussions was brilliant, the Yoga and Meditation sessions were nothing short of enlightening (yes, I actually just wrote that!) and the relaxed walks in nature were a beautiful way to reset.

The sense of community Rina developed within our group (which was very diverse and could easily have fragmented) grew over the weekend and I noticed us gravitating to each other a lot more as time went on. It was such a beautiful space of kindness, completely lacking in ego or judgement, and you could see everyone starting to flourish and thrive among a bunch of people they only just met. This part, for me, was profound.

Immediately after the Autumn Cleanse I genuinely could not recall the last time I felt so energised and vital. A week later I’m calmer, happier and the approach to food and nutrition we experienced on the retreat has stayed with me. It’s had a huge impact on my Mum too, and her diet is quite transformed as she continues her journey to health whilst living with cancer.

In a nutshell (organic nuts, obviously 😉 this cleanse was exactly what I needed and exactly when I needed it. I’d no idea it would end up being such a fundamental experience, but what a super surprise and I’m so grateful we went.
Thank you Rina!”
Stacy Dornan, Essex

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