The Finding Space retreat is designed to meet each guest wherever they are in their search for more space. Some may feel cornered or constricted in their life and need that sense of expansiveness and freedom Norfolk’s wild beaches and big skies offer. Other guests may need to find space internally: space to think, reconnect or create. For some, it may be about finding space to shift the stress or stagnation of their everyday life.

The weekend’s training focusses on the mind, the body, and the breath, supporting guests to find space for themselves and their mental and physical health in a holistic way. Drawing on her yoga and mindfulness training and her work as a breath coach, Bridget helps guests release pent-up tension in their bodies, retrain dysfunctional breathing patterns, and quieten busy minds.

Nature is given a big role in the weekend, with outdoor breath work practice, self-led exercises carried out during free time on the beach and optional morning walking meditations.

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The Finding Space Retreat runs weekends and mid-week throughout the autum.

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